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The amazing maps and textures that were previously only available for Java are now playable in Bedrock Edition.


Maps converted


Textures converted

Java > Bedrock Edition


The King of dropper is a very fun minigame map, the objective is to fall from a very high platform and avoid obstacles, and fall into the water to survive. There are a total of 12 droppers, each level with...

Custom Model

Minecraft Maps

Have you ever noticed that the size of bees in Minecraft is a little disproportionate? They are bigger than they should be... This texture pack changes the model of the...

The re-release of dark medieval textures that have earned the recognition of many players worldwide! With the Halycon days relived you get in the...

Do you like parkour? Then you will love this map!
Biomes parkour is a map whose objective is to pass through the different obstacles by jumping and doing parkour, reach the end of the level to proceed to the next one...

Who we are?

We port the maps and textures originally created in Java to the Bedrock Edition. The ports are made via software and edited / corrected manually by our team, since the two versions are written in different languages ​​(Java and C ++) and it needs to be ported correctly to work and that there are no bugs or problems.


Originally founded in 2020, Voxed Studio is an individual company created with the goal of bringing the best Minecraft Java content to Bedrock Edition free of charge for all players.

What we do?

How It Works

Our goal is to make the contents as identical as possible to the original version, even with the limitations of the versions.

Converting Maps



Chunks convert

We use paid software to convert chunks from the Java version to Bedrock.

The conversion is fully automatic and all chunks in the world are copied to the latest version of bedrock edition [1.18]



Remake Commands

We redo all the commands to make the map work correctly.

The way commands are written in command blocks is different in the 2 versions, so all commands must be completely redone.




When the map is ready our test team will ensure that the map is 100% bug free and as identical as possible to the original Java version.

Converting Texture packs



Textures convert

We use self-built software to port some textures from the java version to bedrock, as most of the files have a different allocation in both versions.

This helps us save time instead of doing the work manually.



Manual correction

This is the hard part!
After converting via software, some textures need to be corrected and converted by hand one by one, and this is done by our texturing team.

All textures receive due attention to ensure that everything works correctly and has an incredible final result.




When the texture is 100% ready, our testing team will ensure that all textures are working correctly bug free and as identical as possible to the original Java version.


All content ported by us is posted on

This is one of the largest websites for downloadable content for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (previously known as Pocket Edition). Here you will find high quality add-ons, maps, mods, seeds, texture packs and everything is free to download. (Website started on April 1, 2014.) The people managing the website are in no affiliation with Mojang AB. We just love Minecraft and want to offer Bedrock creators a great platform where they can share their content with our visitors!