Biomes Parkour

Do you like parkour? Then you will love this map!
Biomes parkour is a map whose objective is to pass through the different obstacles by jumping and doing parkour, reach the end of the level to proceed to the next one.
Each level is decorated with a different minecraft biome: Plains, Desert, Snow and nether.

This is a fun parkour map with 4 different levels based on the different biomes in Minecraft. To complete a level and proceed to the next, you must do parkour by jumping over the blocks and reaching the next checkpoint. Download now and have fun!

- 4 Levels

- Multiplayer [0/4]

- Very fun

- Different biomes


Original JAVA post []

CemreK [PlanetMine] | [Twitter] | [Youtube]

This map was originally created for java by CemreK and ported by Voxed Studio to Bedrock Edition.