Biomes Parkour 2

Biomes parkour 2 is a continuation of Biomes parkour, a map whose objective is to make parkour and go through the obstacles of each level.
There are 6 levels, each with a different biome: Nature, Snow, Desert, Mushroom Island, Nether and ocean.

This is a parkour map with 6 different levels based on the different biomes in Minecraft. To complete a level and proceed to the next one you need to get from the ground level to the top platform. Download now and enjoy!

- 6 Levels

- Multiplayer [0/4]

- Very fun


Original JAVA post []

CemreK [PlanetMine] | [Twitter] | [Youtube]

This map was originally created for java by CemreK and ported by Voxed Studio to Bedrock Edition.