Halcyon Days Relived

The re-release of dark medieval textures that have earned the recognition of many players worldwide! With the Halcyon Days Relived you get in the XII century, when all the buildings was carried out with stone and other ancient materials that in our times looks very epic and unforgettable.

This makes The Halcyon Days Relived pack ideal for creating realistic fortresses, castles, or any other structures you wish to have a more weathered and dated look. Even the gravel will look more textured and true to real life. You will find yourself stunned by the care put into this pack to make each and every detail more appealing and realistic. Halcyon Days Relived texture pack is also one of the very few resource packs that actually boasts improved window visuals.

- 32x

- Realistic/ Medieval

- 55% Complete


Original JAVA post []

EquinoxBros [PlanetMine]

This Texture pack was originally created for java by EquinoxBros
  and ported by Voxed Studio to Bedrock Edition.